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I’ve been making bath and body products for almost 10 years. Back then I was just making sugar scrubs (not very good ones…lol) with recipes that I found online or made up myself. They were just for me and any family members who were brave enough to try it…LOL!

I’ve always battled with sensitive skin and allergies and my skin and commercial products just did not get along. In my search for products with ingredients that I could pronounce, I discovered handmade soap!

I WAS HOOKED! No more dry, itchy skin, no more sneezing, or headaches from unyielding perfumes, just pure handmade goodness! So for years, I purchased handmade soap wherever I could find it….and it was not easy to find. My weekends were spent shopping at farmers’ markets and specialty stores until I had my lightbulb moment. “Hey, I could probably learn how to make soap and have my very own supply!”

So I did, I learned how to make soap…and I made A LOT of soap! it’s almost two years later and I’m still using some of those bars! I started sharing said soap with family and friends simply to make room for more…LOL! Can you ever really have enough?? Here are some of my very first bars. Aren’t they cute??

Kisha Taylor - Owner and Formulator at TruJoi Bath & Body Shop
Activated Charcoal Bar

Naturally, as family and friends tend to do, they offered their feedback. Some good and definitely some bad. So I went back to the drawing board and reformulated my recipes, I sought advice from those that had been making soap since before I could even say soap. Through trial and error and LOTS of soap, I created a formula that seemed to satisfy the masses and from there TruJoi Bath & Body Shop (formally SeRae Naturals) was born. 

Other bath and body products followed such as lotions, bath bombs, and body butter with more products being considered in the near future. The same level of research and care that went into my soap also goes into each and every product I make. 

This is the TruJoi quality you can trust. 

My heart goes into each and every product in hopes that my handmade bath and body products are truly enjoi-able!

Thank you again for joining the TruJoi Family and I hope to see you at a farmers market near you.

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